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Winter Trip to Shadowfax Shoulder
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.09 - 18:19:20
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Cadwallader Range
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 1435m
Participants: Martin, Asia, Maciej, Luna the dog
Difficulty: 1:
Snowshoe hike to Brian Waddington Hut, then up the hill to the pass with the Cadwallader drainage on the other side.
An early morning wakeup call was on tap for Saturday, since we had to be back in Vancouver by dinnertime on Sunday. We picked up Maciej at 4am-ish and headed north up the empty Hwy 99. What a pleasant drive with nobody else on the road! Passing Squamish it was too early to get coffee, so in Pemberton we stopped by a clean, empty McDonalds for a quick coffee and egg muffin. The weather was looking good, and it looked like we were in for a bluebird day.

We headed up towards D'Arcy and then turned onto the Blackwater road which was icy, but it had been well plowed before and with snow tires and careful driving the car kept a good grip on the road.

The trailhead was well plowed with room for 6 or 8 cars. I don't know who does the plowing on this road but they sure did a good job of it. We started hiking at 7:40. The walking on the road was good and the snow supportive so we didn't put on our snowshoes right away. About 250m before the 2nd bridge an old avalanche had covered the road to a depth of at least 10 feet, with many small timbers 6-8 inches in diameter, stripped of branches. This must have been from the warmup and rain that occurred a couple of weeks ago. The clear day afforded fine views down the valley towards Birkenhead Peak, but a haze was developing and the weather was about to change. [photo]birkenheadpeak.jpg[caption]Looking down the Phelix Creek valley towards Birkenhead Peak[/photo]

In the clearings we could see Peregrine, Shadowfax and eventually Taillefer up the valley. [photo]upthevalley.jpg[caption]Peregrine at left, Mt. Shadowfax in the back, and the peak 1.5km S of Taillefer at right[/photo]

We soon put on the snowshoes, entered the forest past the end of the road and began the hike up to the lake. The forest was icy with many little...

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