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1923 First ascent of James Turner
Timestamp Free: 2018.08.17 - 09:18:26
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (5 days)     Elevation Gain: 1050m
Participants: Neal Carter, Chas. T. Townsend
Difficulty: 5:
From campsite West of Wedge above timberline south side of Wedge to campsite. Next day ascended Mount James Turner & returned to campsite. Following day to Wedge campsite. Next day to Rainbow Lodge.
This trip report is compiled from Trip to Wedge Mountain and Mt. Turner and by photos provided from Myrtle Phillip's estate to the Whistler Museum. They were originally scanned from small prints in 2010, but no post editing was done to clean them up. There was a lot of dust & scratches which I cleaned up in Adobe Elements 14. Thanks can be given to Jeff Slack for placing the images on Google Earth so I could get approximate waypoints. [photo]carterwedgecamp.jpg[caption]Camp to the West of Wedge Mountain[/photo]

Start of trip to Mount James Turner & overnight on the way back.

On the north side of Wedge Mountain are several large glaciers, one of which we called "Wedge Glacier" and another the "Crescent Glacier." To the east of us lay a peak which we resolved should be the object of our next climb. It lay across a valley from Wedge Mountain, and promised to be an enjoyable three-day trip from camp. The next day, taking with us just enough food for three days and our bedding, and leaving our tent behind, we hiked round the southern slopes of Wedge Mountain, keeping just above timber line to avoid the bush. [photo]ARCHIVEWMA_P88_052CARTER.jpg[caption]First view of our objective before descending to camp[/photo]

To obtain water we had to drop down about 800 feet into the valley east of Wedge Mountain, which we had seen the day before, where we found a delightful camping spot. The journey from camp to camp took us about 5 hours. We lulled ourselves to sleep under the stars that night with soothing strains from the camp orchestra. [photo]ARCHIVEWMA_P88_031CARTER.jpg[caption]relaxing at the camp[/photo]

The first part of our climb the next day took us over four high ridges, very much similar in composition to Wedge Mountain....

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