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1923 First ascent of Wedge
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.12 - 10:27:00
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 2249m
Participants: Neal Carter, Chas. T. Townsend
Difficulty: 2: Easy going on tracks logging road. Steep bushwhack to campsite Long but easy scramble to peak
Starting at Rainbow Lodge & walking on tracks to logging road east, then up to camp at timberline. Ascent up south slope of Wedge to peak next day.
This trip report is compiled from Trip to Wedge Mountain and Mt. Turner and by photos provided from Myrtle Phillip to the Whistler Museum. They were originally scanned from small prints in 2010, but no post editing was done to clean them up. There was a lot of dust & scratches which I cleaned up in Adobe Elements 14. Thanks can be given to Jeff Slack for placing the images on Google Earth so I could get approximate waypoints.
  Summary: First Ascent of Wedge Mountain and James Turner

Mr. Neal Carter and I had been planning all the summer to make the first ascent of Wedge Mt., as soon as we could get away in the fall. Accordingly on Saturday evening, September 8th, we landed with our belongings at Alta Lake. Having nearly a fortnight before us, we decided to make Rainbow Lodge our headquarters, and to make two trips, one up Wedge Mountain, and the other to Avalanche Pass, the proposed 1923 camp site. We left half our grub at the lodge, and with the other half and the rest of our belongings, started out from Alta Lake on Sunday morning bound for Wedge Mountain. [photo]rainbowlodge1930.jpg[caption]Rainbow Lodge 1930 with Wedge in background[/photo]

[photo]rainbowrates.jpg[caption]Rainbow Lodge Rates[/photo]

We followed the railway for 4 miles to Mile 42, as from Rainbow Lodge we could see that the main ridge from Wedge Mountain hit the railway at about this point.
  [photo]walkin.jpg[caption]Walking the rails[/photo]

This was a popular way to get around the valley right up to the early 70's. CN would now arrest you for that!! [photo]parkhurstvillage1940s960x631.jpg[caption]Parkhurst 1940[/photo]

From the railway we traveled east following logging roads for about a mile, and after that picking our way through the trees (there was very...

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