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2008 Cinnabar Basin
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.13 - 09:12:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Chilcotin Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 758m
Participants: Cliff Jennings, Karl Ricker, Doug Wylie Ian Cumming
Difficulty: 2: Very easy to follow trails but makes for a very long day.
Took Cinnabar Connector to North Cinnabar Trail, then at the Saddle South to Crane Ridge Trail & down to connect back to North Cinnabar Trail & Cinnabar Connector to cars.
The vehicle access we took for this trip was on a logging road built before 2006. It had been de-activated but the crossbars were passable if you took them at an angle slowly. My Subaru Forester had the trailer hitch on which hit first protecting the vehicle. [photo]NorthCinnibar01UpperTrailhead.jpg[caption]View South from near the landing[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar02UpperTrailhead.jpg[caption]Cinnabar Connector Trail through logging slash[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar03UpperTrailDeer.jpg[caption]Karl, Ian & Doug watching deer from Cinnabar Connector Trail[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar06DougZoe.jpg[caption]North Cinnabar Trail Doug & Zoe[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar10KarlIanDoug.jpg[caption]North Cinnabar Trail Doug, Ian & Karl[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar13KarlDoug.jpg[caption]Doug & Karl with Crane Ridge above[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar14Ian.jpg[caption]Ian on last switchback before crossover[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar18Zoemudbath.jpg[caption]Zoe mudbath[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar21Iandescent.jpg[caption]Ian descending to Cinnabar Creek[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar25Zoe.jpg[caption]Zoe near Cinnabar Creek[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar29Ian.jpg[caption]Ian by Cinnabar Creek[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar30ZoeKarlDoug.jpg[caption]Zoe watching Karl & Doug[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar31KarlDoug.jpg[caption]Karl & Doug half lunch[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar33Doug.jpg[caption]Doug ascending trail with Shulaps Range behind with remains of earlier snow[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar36Doug.jpg[caption]Doug ascending trail through wildflowers[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar37Ian.jpg[caption]Ian photographing flowers[/photo]

[photo]NorthCinnibar41DougKarl.jpg[caption]Doug & Karl...

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