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Black Forest loop by Pearson Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2020.11.26 - 22:18:02
Ranges: Pearson Ridge
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 243m
Participants: Cliff Jennings Zoe (our dog)
Difficulty: 2: First part of route requires way finding to get to Black Forest Trail which is then easy to follow.
A traverse of Pearson Ridge from old landing to Black Forest Trail then West back to East & down road to landing.
On May 29, 2009 a forest fire was started by campers near Pearson Pond that eventually consumed over 8000 Hectares with the smoke creating great sunsets as far south as Seattle. Fortunately the dwellings on Gun Creek Road & Tyaughton Lake were spared but the fire went right over the top of Pearson Ridge & eventually East to Marshall Lake where it was finally stopped. I had done some hiking out to the West end of this ridge before the fire as their were great views. I had done some exploring along the ridge, but it was tough going. The year after the fire the trail was reestablished & named the Black Forest Trail. [photo]PearsonRidgefromLake02pan.jpg[caption]Panorama of Pearson Ridge from Tyaughton Lake.[/photo]

The landing I started at is below the high point at the bottom of the burned area. [photo]PearsonRidge01pancarlanding.jpg[caption]Looking back to my car parked in the landing[/photo]

[photo]PearsonRidge03.jpg[caption]A good view of our cabin on the West side of Tyaughton Lake[/photo]

[photo]PearsonRidge09vertpan.jpg[caption]This panorama is from the excellent viewpoint below the Minto Communications Tower. The non profit society provides wireless internet to the Bridge River Valley[/photo]

[photo]PearsonRidge18.jpg[caption]Cabins on the West side of Tyaughton Lake[/photo]

All the gravel on both sides of Crane Creek in the center was brought down in late June of 2012 when their was a landslide below Taylor SE3. This caused a debris torrent that took out a bridge above & blocked the culvert on Tyaughton Creek Road. The roadbed then broke through to our neighbors in the woods above covering their driveway in .5 meters of gravel, mud & broken trees. The road was cut off for 4 days. Fortunately nobody was hurt unlike the similar events in Sicamous &...

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