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Hike up Eldorado Peak from North
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.03 - 08:26:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Chilcotin Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 415m
Participants: Ian Cumming, Doug Wylie Cliff Jennings
Difficulty: 3: Easy route finding as you could see Eldorado from the logging roads. Some difficulty getting around the trees on the ridge.
An attempt to climb Eldorado Mountain from the North
This trip was based on my previous access to the North side of the Eldorado basin in 2006: 2006 Eldorado E2 Hike However their had been extensive logging over the next 2 years, so I couldn't find where I had started from, so we ended up on a landing where we could see Eldorado Mountain. We decided to just bushwhack up from there. [photo]Eldorado01landing.jpg[caption]Looking back from the landing to Ian's car arriving on logging road[/photo]

[photo]Eldorado02Lupine.jpg[caption]A nice field of lupine on an old road[/photo]

[photo]Eldorado03Zoe.jpg[caption]It only took one hour to reach the sub alpine, but Zoe needed cooling off & loves snow[/photo]

[photo]Eldorado04panIan.jpg[caption]Ian enjoying the view with Eldorado Mountain far left[/photo]

[photo]Eldorado05EldoradoMtn.jpg[caption]Some of the trees on the ridge were hard to get through as it dropped off quite steeply on either side[/photo]

[photo]Eldorado06Ian.jpg[caption]Ian taking photos showing the Pine Beetle killed trees with Castle Mountain visible on the left between the trees[/photo]

[photo]Eldorado07ZoewatchingDoug.jpg[caption]Doug had found a nice mossy armchair for lunch with Zoe watching[/photo]

[photo]Eldorado08panpond.jpg[caption]Looking down on the pond below Eldorado Mountain[/photo]

[photo]Eldorado09Zoeyabovepond.jpg[caption]Zoe looking down the ridge we had used for the ascent[/photo]

At this point I discussed with Ian & Doug the option of going back via the pond as you could plainly see the logging slash where we had started from. We all agreed it looked like a go. [photo]Eldorado10wildflowersZoe.jpg[caption]Zoe stepping around the wildflowers amongst the rocks[/photo]

[photo]Eldorado11panDougIan.jpg[caption]Ian joined Doug in the armchair looking across...

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