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Hike up Eldorado E2
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.26 - 23:42:45
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Chilcotin Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 780m
Participants: Cliff Jennings Keisha Jennings (my daughter Clare's dog)
Difficulty: 3: The route finding was fairly easy as I found the old mining road that went up Eldorado NE2. Accessing Eldorado E2 was a very steep scramble on loose shale. The hiking along the ridges was very easy. On the way down was much easier as I spotted an old trail.
An exploratory trip up the North side of Eldorado E2, traversing below Eldorado NE2. From Eldorado E2 I followed the ridge West, but ran out of time to attempt Eldorado, but this would a good access.
In 2002 we bought a small cabin on Tyaughton Lake. After a few years doing small day trips to get a feel for the area,I tried this exploratory trip to the North Side of the Eldorado. The access was described to me by John Anderson who I knew from Whistler Search & Rescue. He had found the old mine roads that led up to the Alpine. [photo]EldoradoMtnhike02.jpg[caption]Starting up the old mining road[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike03.jpg[caption]In the meadows on old mining road[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike05pan.jpg[caption]Looking up to Eldorado NE2 where you can see the old access roads for the Mercury mining access[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike06.jpg[caption]At timberline looking NW to Castle Peak[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike07pan.jpg[caption]Keisha looking across meadows[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike08pan.jpg[caption]Looking NW to Castle Peak[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike10.jpg[caption]Keisha & Cliff[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike11.jpg[caption]Keisha in wildflowers below Eldorado NE2[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike13.jpg[caption]Looking across to the ridge leading up to Eldorado[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike17.jpg[caption]Keisha hunting below Eldorado NE2[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike18.jpg[caption]Keisha on steep slope with Eldorado Mtn behind[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike19pan.jpg[caption]Eldorado Mountain from steep slope[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike26pan.jpg[caption]Steep slope to ridge[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike27pan.jpg[caption]Steep slope to ridge[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike28.jpg[caption]Keisha on ridge with Mt Williams & Truax behind[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike29.jpg[caption]Keisha on ridge looking for squirrels[/photo]

[photo]EldoradoMtnhike31panTaylorBasin.jpg[caption]Looking down into...

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