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1967 Gas Pipeline Survey
Timestamp Free: 2019.03.25 - 17:55:48
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (30 days)     Elevation Gain: 1500m
Participants: Cliff Jennings, John Nairn, Hugh Smythe Gary Davies with Maurice (the surveyor)
Difficulty: 3: A lot of travel through thick brush along steep river banks as this is where the proposed pipeline would be located.
A 30 day trip from the Upper Lillooet Creek & Meager Creek to the North end of Queens Reach.
In 1967 myself, John Nairn, Hugh Smythe & Gary Davies were hired to support a surveyor (Maurice) for an assessment of a possible routing of a gas pipeline from Williams Lake to Powell River. The section from Williams Lake to the Upper Lillooett River had been done by horseback. We started from the confluence of the Lillooett River & Meager Creek supplied by helicopter every 3 days. We were flown by helicopter from Pemberton to meet the rest of the party where the road now crosses the Lillooett River. [photo]Pipelinesurvey01.jpg[caption]Pemberton Railway Station[/photo]

We were dropped off where Meager Creek joined the Lillooett River. [photo]Pipelinesurvey02.jpg[caption]Meager Mtn from helicopter[/photo]

That first day we made it to just past where the Meager Hotsprings was developed. We had noticed that there was steam coming from the gravel bar along the river. When this was mentioned to the helicopter pilot at our next supply drop, he took it upon himself to investigate. Noticing more steam further uphill he landed & placed a thermometer in the stream recording 180 degrees Fahrenheit. [photo]Pipelinesurvey03.jpg[caption]Camp at Meager Hotsprings[/photo]

Crossing creeks & rivers was one of the major difficulties as we would have to wait till morning when the level was lower. This often involved traveling in wet boots for the rest of the day. [photo]Pipelinesurvey04.jpg[caption]Crossing Meager Creek[/photo]

After crossing the creek we followed the South branch of Meager Creek & then up steep but open timber reaching a beautiful lake below Plateau Peak. I took the following picture when we reached the first opening. [photo]Pipelinesurvey05.jpg[caption]Pemberton Icecap[/photo]

We had a perfect campsite on the lake & even got some refreshing...

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