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Fays Peak from the South
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.13 - 08:26:38
Ranges: Silvercup Ridge
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 550m
Participants: Dan Richardson, Clara Foulds
Difficulty: 3: Easy Class 3, routefinding, loose rock.
From basin S of Fays Peak, crossed over to basin SW of peak and then up the W ridge
I don't know if this is the experience of others who have considered hiking around the Silvercup Ridge area, but the likelihood of running into motorized traffic up there, especially on a weekend kept me putting the trip off. Also, with various options of access and routes, some general route planning is needed, and with the uncertainty of the roads, it took me several years to finally get around to committing to a trip.

The first day, we drove up American Ck FSR to the ridge at 2250m, fully taking advantage of the road and even pushing it further than planned, fully spitting in the face of myself last year, when I first drove the road and thought it would be sacrilege to drive any higher into the alpine.

We parked the car and walked a few hundred meters down the road before heading up a mostly dry stream on the SW side of the main Silverup Ridge. Once up into the basin, we looked around for a while to find the best combination of campsites, but were quite pleased to find good running water. [photo]silvercupcamp2.jpg[caption]Our camp.[/photo]

The next morning, we continued up the basin to the obvious col separating Fays Peak from the rest of Silvercup Ridge. There are signs up there discouraging sledders from continuing any further south. Thanks to Robert Stevenstrip report and associated photo, we had a good idea of the route. See Trout Lake - Silver Cup Ridge Traverse to Fays Peak.

We contoured up towards the SW basin of Fays from the col (and counted more than 20 scattered heli-flags) and across the basin to the W ridge. There are many paths up from this point and we picked out the path of least resistance. There was really nothing challenging at all until the final step before the summit where the use of handholds is almost necessary and...

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