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Feather Spire and Mazinaw Mountain (The Dying Days of the Duncan FSR, Part 2)
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.21 - 09:59:09
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Duncan Ranges / Battle Range / Nemo Group
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 2350m
Participants: Dan Richardson, Douglas Noblet
Difficulty: 4: Some moderate bushwhacking on return when off route, moderate routefinding. Glacier travel, snow slopes to 50 degrees. Class 3 scrambles.
Set up rope system to cross Duncan River, hiked up ridges NE of Nemo Glacier, camped at glacier, summitted two peaks.
Note: This report is incomplete because I'm still waiting to hear back on some history, so that part might not be accurate yet...

Preamble continued, and History
(See trip Sugarplum Lakes and Squab Peak (The Dying Days of the Duncan FSR, Part 1) for most of the preamble...)

I've never been a fan of industry (any industry, though specifically resource extraction in this case). It bothers me considerably the amount of "well you use their roads so be grateful" attitude that is prevalent in much of the mountain community. I feel zero debt and would much rather areas be considerably less accessible (inaccessible, even) than this deal with the devil where we pretend like we're actually considered stakeholders in anything. If the roads exist, I'll use them. Simple as that.

Helicopters on the other hand are something I'm loathe to consider and while there might be a time and place eventually, I've got way too many places on my list that don't require the boost, and I'd rather arrange my life to have extra days available for approaches.

So that meant that it was a bit of now-or-never for the Nemo Group. Flying in would be easy and not particularly uncommon (Alpine Helicopters in Golden says 1-2 groups fly in each year). Up until Selkirks South was published in 2000, no one had walked into the Nemo Group since 1959 and they'd had to come over Silent Pass. The Duncan FSR provides enormously better access but mostly only seems to be used for helicopter staging. No doubt crossing the river was an obstacle, though not a massive one. Perhaps the distance from civilization made it too onerous to scout out and so parties planned on heli access just to eliminate the access risks.

Regardless, we didn't have particularly high hopes for even getting...

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