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Sugarplum Lakes and Squab Peak (The Dying Days of the Duncan FSR, Part 1)
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.09 - 16:32:35
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Purcell Mountains / Hatteras Group
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 2700m
Participants: Dan Richardson, Douglas Noblet
Difficulty: 4: Almost entirely non-bushwhacking. Large elevation gain first day. Mostly Class 3 scrambling with one Class 4 crux on the optional traverse of Squab. Moderate routefinding.
Approach to Sugarplum area from the West. Camped at Sugarplum Lakes, and traverse of Squab Peak, after deciding not to attempt Mount Hateras.
Since first taking in views of the Battle Range from the Purcells in 2009, I'd been mesmerized and ever since I've tried to learn about the area and dream up possible routes. I'd tried twice to drive up the Duncan valley, once ending in a flat tire and the other in a washout. In 2015 however, I learned about the plans to deactivate the Duncan beyond the 80km mark (the junction with the Westfall), and so a sense of immediacy took hold, since I also learned that the Westfall Rd had its bridges pulled that summer already.

Douglas, while photographing bears in the Lardeau Valley in October, had decided on a whim with a friend to drive up the Duncan to scout it out. He discovered that the road had been brushed and graded all the way to about the 103km. I'm not entirely sure how bad it had been before, but sounds like it was a long grind. Through the winter I schemed and made plans as to possible trips, thinking of some kind of base camp at a vehicle.

In the spring, Douglas had taken part in the first full traverse of the Selkirks from Kootenay Pass to Mica Creek and was keen to get back to the Battle Range. I drove up in the spring to scout camping spots and routes (making it to the 110km), before finally settling on a plan. We would try 2-3 trips. I'd been keen on Jigger Peak, but as this was a minor peak and a day trip, it ended up falling by the wayside. Instead, we did two 3-day trips, one into the Hatteras Group in the Purcells, and one into the Nemo Group of the Battle Range of the Selkirks.

History of the Hatteras/Sugarplum Area
In 1953, the Riley party did a 12-day north to south traverse heading up Vermont Ck through Valley of the Lakes/Snowman Pass, Hume Headwaters, Vowells, ending in Bugaboos. No summits in Hatteras Group. Mostly passing...

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