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Youngs Peak (Rogers Pass Area)- NW Face Twice in a Day
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.21 - 09:45:01
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Duncan Ranges / Asulkan Range
  (4 days)
Participants: Ben Doubroff, Brett Logan
Difficulty: 3: Steep Snow
Story of a 4 day splitboard adventure culminating in a big day on Youngs Peak
The toil, the storm, and the payoff There was a group of five friends from the prairies taking a private AST course. Three of them had moved to Calgary and had been exposed to the mountains, but the other two we worried about. Blisters the size of toonies. Resort boots in the backcountry. Their guide was legendary Canmore mountain man Tom Wolfe. A man of much stoicism and few words. Apart from that the Wheeler hut was filled with families; there was a lot of noise and it was in one's best interest to rise early and go to bed as soon as the children finally, gracefully, passed out. Ben and I had skied up the Bonney Moraine on day one of our Roger's Pass trip. With 2000m freezing levels we had to ascend a long way before finding good snow. The next day we did two laps from Lookout Col in a partial whiteout. The snow had arrived. Our tap tests were confidence-inducing. It's a unicorn event when one wins the powder lottery but it looked like the right numbers were falling in place for the days to come. Steady flakes fell from the sky and that night we decided to move up the valley to the Asulkan Hut. The guided group from the prairies was heading in the same direction, which was good, because it guaranteed free beta and lively games of "Peanuts" at night. The whiteout continued when we arrived at the Asulkan the next day. Thank god for the Tree Triangle. We spent the rest of the day slashing glorious powder turns between the big conifers. Besides the AST course, which was busy digging pits, there was only one other inhabitant of the hut: Frank. Or Francois, as he hailed from la belle provence. He asked to accompany us on a lap through the trees. I was skeptical. I had watched him smoke two of BC's strong ones in about 10 minutes. But what could go wrong? Had he not found...

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