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Building the Singing Pass Trail from Whistler Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.18 - 23:56:33
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Fitzsimmons Range
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 300m
Participants: Don MacLaurin, Cliff Jennings, Busdon Den Duyf families others
Difficulty: 2: Marking the obvious route with cairns
We rode up the old Gondola & Red Chair then hiked through the Back Bowl (now Harmony Bowl) then over the ridge to Burnt Stew Basin (Symphony Bowl). This is where we started building the cairns.
In 1971 Don MacLaurin who was a Forestry Professor organized a group of locals to help mark a route from the top of the lifts on Whistler to Singing Pass where you cold connect with the Singing Pass Trail that started from the valley: Singing Pass Trail This trail is now known as the Musical Bumps Trail: Musical Bumps Trail Over the next couple of summers work continued until by the end of 1973 people were able to ride up the lifts & head out to the Himmelsback Cabin on Russett Lake. They would then be able to return to the valley via the Singing Pass Trail. [photo]1971hiketoSingingPassTrail01.jpg[caption]Leaving the top of Red Chair with Blue Chair in front of Overlord[/photo]

We walked as a group down by Harmony Lakes. [photo]1971hiketoSingingPassTrail02.jpg[caption]looking down to Harmony Lakes[/photo]

[photo]1971hiketoSingingPassTrail03.jpg[caption]Looking across to Harmony Lake & Little Whistler[/photo]

We then scrambled up & over Harmony Ridge & down to Burnt Stew Basin (now known as Symphony Bowl. This took a good part of the day as that part of the trail wasn't completed until 1973 & is the most difficult part even now. [photo]1971hiketoSingingPassTrail04.jpg[caption]Overlord from Harmony Ridge[/photo]

On Harmony Ridge we got a great view of Overlord Mountain [photo]1971SingingPassTrail01.jpg[caption]Don MacLaurin showing the route through Symphony Bowl[/photo]

Don MacLaurin pointing out the route through Burnt Stew Basin. [photo]1971SingingPassTrail02.jpg[caption]Symphony Bowl[/photo]

Finally arriving down the steep East side of Harmony Ridge. [photo]1971SingingPassTrail03.jpg[caption]building cairns in Symphony Bowl[/photo]

Building the cairns on the trail that is still in use today & being used as the...

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