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exploring the leaning towers
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.19 - 10:21:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Purcell Mountains
  (5 days)     Elevation Gain: 2800m
Participants: Stefan, Mike, Emilie, Justin Low fifth rock climbing, steep snow.
North Face of Mt.Hall
I have decided to start writing up reports of some of my past trips. Bivouac is a very helpful resource for me, and I have done some trips that are not in the database. The Leaning towers are a amazing group of peaks that receive little attention and have a limited amount of information posted about them(though they seem to be getting more attention now)so I am sharing what I know.
  I don't remember how we got on to the Leaning towers. I think it was Mike who had seen them in the distance. So for summer 2011 they became our yearly destination. Getting into the Leaning towers is a two day hike but we hoped that we could do it in a day and a half. As usual Stefan and I got off early from work, we met up with Mike and Emilie in Kimberly and then drove to the trail head. With a few hours of light we started the 9km hike to Dewar Creek Hot springs. About half way there big blackies started rolling in and in short order came the rain. Mike and Emilie pulled out a tarp and rain gear while Stefan and I trudged on getting completely soaked. Hoping the wet start was not a omen for more to come, we set up our tarp and bivi bags and settled in for the night. [photo]LeaningTowers002.JPG[caption]Camp one Dewar Creek[/photo]

  The next day we started the steep climb up to the pass east of Mt. Twomey. This climb was the worst bit of the whole trip, or for me any trip. My pack was very heavy. We had brought, in retrospect, too much climbing gear, but we did not know what we would need so we packed it all(sort of). Maybe I was tired or having an off day, but by the time we reached the top I was completely knackered. Of course reaching the top of the pass and being greeted with the Leaning towers helped me forget my pain and replenish enough energy to carry on to camp....

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