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Daniels Divide
Timestamp Free: 2017.11.21 - 10:25:57
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Powell Divide
  (4 days)
Participants: Evan Guilbault, Zoe Manson, Evan Porter-Lockhart
Difficulty: 4: Short sections of 5th class. Difficulties can be avoided. We did some things under the full moon.
Self-supported skyline traverse fastpacked from the head of Powell Lake up Daniels River to Daniels Lake circumnavigating ridges to Chusan SW 5 South to Peak 1686.
Day 1:
 After completing the North Powell Divide, having climbed a couple days in The Eldred and spent a chill night on Savary island we were all amped to get back in the alpine. Timing had it that our friend Adam from Western Forest Products had room for us going back up to the head of Powell Lake. So like that we were back and packed for another epic in the coast range. This time we would cover ground we had hoped to finish on the North Powell before the whiteout we were caught in thwarted those plans, and to continue along the divide stretching South behind the Daniels River Valley.
 For those who are unaware the Daniels River Valley is the super duper secret Yosemite of the North not many seem to know of. It holds sheer granite walls well beyond 4000 feet tall. Perhaps Baffin Island is a better comparison than Yosemite..these walls are B-I-G. So of course we are drawn to this power spot. I have been studying and meditating on this area for 11 months. I had been once previous for a reconnaissance trip turned road reactivation stymied by weather the entire time there. The valley is mystical. It holds its own weather, it holds its own gravitational pull I'm convinced. Time may not exist in the Daniels..beware.
 So with that, we were off. 09:00 leaving the head of the lake, huffing down the Daniels River road by noon and in the upper river valley by mid-afternoon. We pushed along gorgeous elk trail, switching momentarily to walking the river where we immediately found a perfect campsite right on the riverbank. Chill 20km first day. Nice fire, nice bed, the best people and the best views money could never buy. Here we spent a night under an unnamed 3000+ foot flawless wall. Absolutely splitter rock. With all this space to ourselves while Squamish sits 100km away...

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