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Mount MacFarlane Summer Day Hike
Timestamp Free: 2019.01.15 - 22:09:00
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Slesse Divide
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1770m
Participants: Dan Richardson
Difficulty: 2: Trail almost all the way. Easy scramble, but big elevation gain (1770m)
Hiked Pierce Lake trail, scrambled standard route.
I saw on ClubTread that the trail and ridge were almost entirely snow free and figured with such a big elevation gain, it might be tough to find people to go with, so I went solo.

Trail's in good shape and some work was done on the bridge over Pierce Ck same day. I stopped for a snack and then a swim at the upper lake (90% frozen over), but still made the summit in just over 4hrs, including the breaks. I had a good solo pace going, but the Scrambles book says 5.5-7hrs for the ascent, so I'm thinking that's just too conservative. The scramble itself is easy. A few spots where you could get close to an edge, but easily avoidable. Basically a trail the whole way.

Lots of rising clouds and mist, but I did get some great views of Larrabee and its glacier, and a few glimpses of Slesse and Rexford. A church youth group of 11 came up just as my hour and a half on top came to an end. Saw about 11 parties that day (long weekend), though most didn't go to the summit. Some were camped at the outlet end of Pierce Lake, some nearer to the inlet, and some up at the upper lake. Both areas have a side trail to get down to them, the inlet site looked steeper, but also more private.

The 5-exposed-steps that Robin's report mentions now has a by-pass, and as others have mentioned, you can hear the DND test firing/practice explosions going off.

I detoured only slightly from the summit when I went down, in order to take the long glissade down. But then I evened it out by nursing my knee on the way down. Swam in Pierce Lake too. 4hrs down, including breaks. Total day, about...

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