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1967 First Ascent of Mount Casement
Timestamp Free: 2018.08.15 - 18:17:10
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (3 days)     Elevation Gain: 1800m
Participants: Cliff Jennings, Hugh Smythe, John Nairn
Difficulty: 3: Serious bushwacking from Sims/Elaho to Sims crossover. Moderate route finding to pass. Scramble up to peak
Climb up to Mt Casement during a free day on the 30 day trip described below
In 1967 myself, John Nairn, Hugh Smythe & Gary Davies were hired to support a surveyor (Maurice) for an assessment of a possible routing of a gas pipeline from Williams Lake to Powell River. The section from Williams Lake to the Upper Lillooett River had been done by horseback. We started from the confluence of the Lillooett River & Meager Creek supplied by helicopter every 3 days. When we reached the Clendenning which we couldn't cross our supplies ran low as there were forest fires to the East so we ended up eating freeze dried food (in those days it was like expanded styrofoam). The helicopter flew us to the mouth of Sims Creek where this trip log starts as this point is now reachable by logging roads. [photo]MtCasement01SimsCreekatElahoRiver.jpg[caption]Helicopter drop off at Sims Creek & Elaho River[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement02CrossingSimsCreek.jpg[caption]Hugh Smythe, John Nairn & Gary Davies Crossing Sims Creek[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement03CrossingSimsCreek.jpg[caption]Hugh Smythe Crossing Sims Creek[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement04SimsCreekCampsite.jpg[caption]Relief for John Nairn & Gary Davies by Sims Creek Campsite[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement05BushwackBelowPass.jpg[caption]Bushwacking up to pass[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement06CampsiteOnPass.jpg[caption]Campsite on pass[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement07OnPass.jpg[caption]On the pass[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement08OnPass.jpg[caption]On the pass below Casement & Tinniswood[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement09OnPass.jpg[caption]Maurice (the surveyor we were supporting) advertising our breakfast rations[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement10HughOnMtCasement.jpg[caption]Hugh on shoulder of Casement[/photo]

[photo]MtCasement11JohnCliffMtAlbert.jpg[caption]John & Cliff in front of Mt...

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