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Second time around on the Goat traverse
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.14 - 14:16:58
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Slocan Ranges / Goat Range (Kootenays)
  (5 days)     Elevation Gain: 4700m
Participants: Stefan Feldman, Mike Baker, Patrick Donker, and Justin Vance
Second and successful attempt to ski from Retallack to Poplar Creek in the Goat range.
Two years ago Stefan, Mike and I set out from Retallack with clear skies and high hopes. Twenty-four hours later a white out, heavy snow, and avalanches sent us on the long slog out Wilson creek. Our failed attempt combined with the right attitude was a grand adventure, but as fond as I am of those memories I did not want to repeat them. So with marginal confidence in the four good days offered by the weather man, the three of us met up with Patrick (a new recruit to our yearly adventure) at Poplar creek in the evening of March 16.
  Day 1 Retallack to Kane creek. .
  Given the overhead dangers, and the spring solar strength, a four am alarm roused us for a glorious day of putting one foot in front of the other, over and over again. Navigating in the dark through the endless logging roads proved to be, as last time, the challenge of the day. Once out of the forest the alpine vista occupied the senses while we labored up to White Water pass.
  [photo]IMG_35042.JPG[caption]approaching White Water pass[/photo]
  Truly fate was smiling on us for our reattempt. The pass was wind free, the sun was shining, and the holy grail of skiing met us on the other side, powder! A highly enjoyable descent lend us to our first camp in Kane creek. [photo]DSCF62472.JPG[caption]descent into Kane creek[/photo]
  Day 2 Kane Creek to Rossland Creek
  Waking early we were greeted to another clear day for the trek to Rossland creek. Climbing Marten/Dryden pass was straight forward, and the scenery once again spectacular. [photo]DSCF62572.JPG[caption]Mike nearing second pass[/photo]
  The steep descent to a small lake, and then to Keen creek, provide us again with good powder skiing. Valley bottom skinning brought us to Rossland creek. The guide book instructed us to ascend...

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