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Exploration in the Rossland Range - Skiing Mount Crowe
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.28 - 03:46:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Monashee Mountains / Rossland Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 600m
Participants: Klaus Haring
Difficulty: 2: Some moderate tree skiing
A short easy ski tour
[photo]20160330_100647.jpg[caption] Distant view of Mount Crowe at left[/photo]

See large photo Distant View of Mount Neptune and Crowe

Driving east to Rossland I passed a sign saying "Seven Summit Trail" with hiker and skier symbols. I had planned to do some ski mountaineering near Kootenay Pass after skiing Red Mountain, but after several days of driving, lift skiing and touring my old body felt a bit tired and worn. So I didn't feel like driving further and spent the night in Rossland and decided to only do some exploring in this area. The next morning I started the drive home and about 15km after the ski area saw the Seven Summit sign again, saying 400m. There across from the sign "Nancy Green Summit 1575m" (see below) was a large plowed parking area where some snowshoers were getting ready. There was a large information board with a big map of the trail. [photo]20160331_091328.jpg[caption]The northern section of the Seven Summit Trail[/photo]

I walked a short distance through a narrow strip of old growth forest to the edge of a clearcut that gave me a view to the south. I had hoped to be able to ski to one of the first summits, however the first peak was densely forested and I was not sure how interesting it would be to ski long distances through the trees. On the drive up I had seen a peak to the north with large clearcuts almost to the top. I figured that would at least give a good run down. The snowshoe people had told me they were going to a hut in that direction. The snowshoe tracks went west along the hiway, but I saw that on this side there was little more than one row of trees separating it from the clearcut, so I headed straight in. I soon had to cross a small gully, then found a trail with old ski and snowshoe tracks come up...

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