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Armstrong Peak near Keremeos Columns
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.11 - 16:09:10
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Plateau / Thompson Plateau
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 725m
Participants: Simon Chesterton and party
Difficulty: 2: Dirt and ATV roads, minor forest/bush travel, steep ascent/descent near the summit.
Same initial route for Keremeos Columns. Note that most of the area is private property and has cattle grazing.
I'd spent the Easter Weekend in Osoyoos with some friends and checked out some peaks around that area. Driving home we stopped off at Keremeos then headed north to Liddicoat Road and stopped at the large paved pullout where the Honda Civic was parked and 5 of us squeezed into my X-Trail and we drove up the rough dirt/gravel road to an elevation of 910m at a junction (note that robust 4x4s could continue up the partially washed out road).

The other 4 had never done the Keremeos Columns (I had done them last year on the way to Osoyoos for another vacation) so the plan was for me to hike fast and follow old roads beyond to aim for Armstrong Peak (aka Armstrong Creek Peak - the creek flows southwest from this area down to Keremeos Creek). I took off at a good pace pausing to mark with cairns and etched arrows a couple of junctions for the others to follow to the columns (note that the small Keremeos Columns Provincial Park does not actually contain the columns due to a mapping/survey error - the columns are on private land). There is no signage along the whole trip indicating the columns even exist as well. [photo]columns.jpg[caption]Keremeos Columns, taken on my visit in September 2015[/photo]

There is one barbed wire gate to go through then shortly after is the junction where left goes to the columns (stay right at a junction prior to that). After drawing an arrow in the snow and building a cairn I continue up the old road in ever increasing snow, putting the snowshoes on after the post-holing became tedious. The road is parallel to Armstrong Creek for awhile before turning back south and there's a little bit of blowdown here and there but travel is generally good and quick. Past the switchback I got a bit confused as the only map showing roads in this area was...

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