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Spire Peaks - Super Couloir from Diamond Head Parking Lot
Timestamp Free: 2019.10.20 - 15:11:45
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 3600m
Participants: Ryan Allderman Jennifer Carlisle
Difficulty: 3: Steep skinning, Glacier Travel, Steep Skiing, exposed avalanche prone slopes, long distance.
A trip to ski Super Couloir on Spire Peaks via the Spire Trick gully from Mamquam Lake. The distance traveled was around 55 km.
Spire Peaks can be accessed from at least three trail heads. Elfin Lakes, the New Darling Lake Trail which goes up Mamquam Mountain, and Brohm Ridge. We opted from Elfin Lakes since the Mamquam FSR was still snowed in and it was not possible to drive very high up Brohm Ridge. The Darling Lake trail may prove to the fastest way in the spring, I haven't tried this but it looks doable. I would probably climb up to near Darling Peak then traverse passed Mirage Peak to the Spire Trick col and then continue with the route described in this report.

Others have walked straight up the couloir to ski it, we thought it would be more appealing to traverse around the back of Spire Peaks first accessing through the Spire/ Trick Peak col. Booting up the Couloir would require less total distance but since the couloir is almost a kilometer long this would take a while in deep snow.

The general route of this trip is as follows: We started at Diamond Head, skied on the Elfin Lakes trail past the Elfin lakes shelter and then followed the old road bed which is now the Mamquam Lake trail which starts at around 1420 m and contours around until it drops down into Ring Creek at the steep moraine slope. After crossing ring creek we then followed Ring Creek to a snow bridge which took us North of Opal cone. We then traversed towards Rampart Ponds and down to Mamquam lake where we camped.

From Mamquam Lake we dropped down to Eanastick Meadows and then up the creek south of Pyramid and Spire, and through the Spire-Trick col and around Spire Peak and down the "Super Couloir" into the Pitt River drainage. We then climbed back up to a low col and down to Mamquam lake. From there, we went back out to the south of Opal Cone and then retraced our route to the cars.

The route we followed...

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