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Ymir Mountain Loop Hike
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.09 - 16:42:40
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Nelson Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 750m
Participants: Dan Richardson, Clara Fould, Lee Redstone, Malin Lenngren, Fred Bengtsson
Difficulty: 3: Low Class 3 for easiest route, mid Class 3 to include ridge scramble. Fairly easy routefinding when there isn't a trail.
One of the several possible variations of hiking Ymir Mountain, West Bowl-West-Ridge-North Ridge, plus discussion of variations.
This is a relatively popular local hike, considering it's not in any of the hiking books. There is a fairly beaten path for the parts of the loop that aren't over rockfields. The summit register suggests that the peak sees visitors on a weekly basis, if not several times a week. I couldn't figure out ahead of time what the most common, or easiest route was, so we just played it by ear as we went along.

From the parking lot, we picked up the trail that follows the lower Sluice Box run to the big corner on the ski hill boundary. There is a road here as well. A cairn at the edge of the road, showed where a trail went into the woods, and this was the same trail I'd taken as part of a snow travel/crevasse rescue course earlier in the season, so we took it. Perhaps 500m later the trail seems to end at a rockslide. There were a few cairns, but I'd had my eyes set on a flat area of the west ridge that had looked like good access when I was there earlier in the year. We crossed the rock field and took the obvious easy draw on our left once we were across the bowl. One member of our group ascended a steep rockfield to the right.

Above the draw, we ascended at a 45 degree angle to what looked like the first easy shelf coming from our direction. This got us onto the west ridge without difficulty. Here, we picked up a path that presumably came from the top of the 'Summit' side of the ski hill and along what is locally called Prospector's Ridge, which is just the lower part of the West Ridge, if I understand correctly.

We followed the trail without any trouble, though there was a step that required using your hands, but just easy Class 3, no exposure. We arrived at the summit 2.5hrs after starting, including breaks and a relatively slow pace. From the top, we decided we'd...

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