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Mount Sproatt in a day
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.19 - 15:27:37
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days) Easy hike, one short Class 2 scramble
Summer ascent of Mount Sproatt from Sproatt Alpine trail. Discovered new trail and hiked it on the way back.
I decided to explore Sproatt Alpine area after reading recent trip reports describing newly-constructed Sproatt Alpine trail. Looking at topo map, it seemed possible to climb Mount Sproatt as well so I decided to give it a try. I created a GPS route, loaded it into my Oregon and went to Whistler.

Sproatt Alpine trail is already described on this site, so I start my report from the top of Tonic Peak. From there, you basically descend 100 m vertical into the col before ascending Mount Sproatt. Beautiful alpine landscape, numerous tarns and fantastic views of surrounding mountains make it a great hike. The going is pretty mellow, without terrain traps or Class 5 rock, so you can wander around as much as time permits. Note that there're no marked trails or paths in this area, so GPS is essential to go forward.

When I almost descended into the col, I noticed a trail that goes on a mountain side. That was something interesting ! I didn't know about any trails near Mount Sproatt, however my GPS showed that it goes in the right direction so I decided to take it. That was wise decision because the base of Mount Sproatt is bushy, and without trail I'd have to bushwhack a lot. The trail goes around rocky ridge of Mount Sproatt and ends up in the gully which goes up. There's a crew camp in the end of trail, with tent and a kitchen.

From where the trail ends, I climbed easy gully and came to the base of summit ridge. The ridge required short scramble and in no time I was on a summit. The summit is very broad and looks like a volcano crater, which it probably is. I walked around and took pictures then found one particularly good vantage point where I can see Mts Whistler and Blackcomb, with ski runs and the lake below. I spent some time resting and decided to go down and...

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