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Mt. Currie via Meadow Route
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.29 - 19:32:57
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 2286m
Participants: Steve Grant
Difficulty: 3: About 7500' elevation gain. Ample talus scrambling.
A long but very rewarding day trip.
My July 30 trip up Mount Currie W1 left me with a strong feeling of unfinished business up there, so despite having to get up really early for a long drive and the large elevation gain required, I went back for a rematch. Reading the other trip report before this one will help flesh out the context.

Since July 30, the trailbuilders had made improvements as far as below the lake at 1550m. At the junction where it's possible to get off the constructed trail and onto the older flagged route, a new sign makes the options clear. You can either go to the Pemberton Valley lookout as a dead end, or continue up the mountain. Soon the trail breaks out of the trees on the edge of a precipice, and it's like being hit in the face with amazing views. [photo]201508111339sm.jpg[caption]Junction sign[/photo]

[photo]201508111338sm.jpg[caption]carving near Windridge camp.[/photo]

The location where the trailbuilders camped has been named Windridge Camp. It only took about 2.5 hours to get there. There's another direction sign here, which I didn't photograph. I continued up to the major cairn at 1950m. I'm assuming this is what the trailbuilders are calling Camp 3. Rather than carry extra water on this trip, I'd planned to fill up on water here but I discovered I'd forgotten my filter. So it was either drink the water as-is, or abort the hike. [photo]201508111337sm.jpg[caption]Sign in meadows. This is a cairn or two beyond where you'd leave the trail to go to the pond just to the south[/photo]

I'd carefully studied the satellite view and thought I could contour all the way around Currie W1 to Currie's sw ridge. In a couple of photos from my hike up Currie W1, the ridge looked inviting. If I committed to this route and it wasn't viable, it would mean failing to...

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