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Robie Reid via Florence Lake FSR (with route photos)
Timestamp Free: 2020.06.01 - 23:20:34
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Daniel Olsen, Brett Logan
Difficulty: 4: 4 - The route is mostly 2nd and 3rd class with a few exceptions. However, getting off-route can quickly yield steep, exposed terrain
Updated trail/route/road info on Robie Reid SE Ridge via Florence Lake FSR
A day and a half of rugged hiking and scrambling and my body feels like it went through a cement mixer. The rewards on this massive rock massif, however, were grand. We navigated the SE ridge in limited visibility and the aim of this report is to amalgamate the key pieces of info that exist for this route.

Driving: From whichever direction you're coming from, take Dewdney Trunk Road until the Stave Lake turn-off. Re-set your odometer here. Follow the main road left past Zajac Ranch, then turn left (uphill) at the 'Y' junction signed for "Sayres Lake Recreation Site." The road becomes rougher from this point. Continue to follow the main road past a few spur roads and around the bend high above Florence Lake. Just before the 20km mark, there is a slight downhill spur road to the left. Take this, and in a couple hundred metres you will see a double gate. Park here, however, note that on weekends the Stave Lake area becomes a lawless state similar to Somalia. Leaving your car overnight on a weekday may be safer.

Hiking Approach:
 Duck underneath the two gates and walk down the gravel road past a few switchbacks, relishing in the fact that you will have to re-ascend these chunky hills whenever your mission comes to a close. Pick-up the trail on the right side of the road at a hairpin turn. At time of writing there is a jumble of flagging tape, some orange, some white, in the tree branches. Follow this trail as it meanders up, down, over and under fallen trees, along the east side of Alouette Lake. At the head of the lake you will walk through a calm forest full of ferns. There is one unsigned junction where another trail goes right across a long, low bridge, destined for a small lake. You follow the flagging tape north and uphill. Past this point, if there are any...

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