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Mamquam SW Explorations
Timestamp Free: 2019.11.15 - 11:28:29
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Dreadnought Group
  (4 days)
Participants: Anthony Mallinson
Difficulty: 3: Ridge rambling and lakeside sitting, combined with steep snow and solid rock, and some minimal route-finding
A relaxing trip climbing all the peaks around Watersprite and Martin Lake and exploring the alpine area at the head of Crawford Creek
The Watersprite / Mamquam SW Area seems to be becoming quite popular with improved access and the recent BCMC interest in the area. I have been in there and the Pinecone Area a few times this year and I was planning a longer trip into the area largely to explore the eastern reaches and the alpine area near Bucklin Creek and the beautiful looking Cotard area. Alas the allure of a basecamp at Watersprite Lake was too tempting and I spent three perfect nights camped on the grassy flats at the south-eastern end of the lake. All trips described begin from here.

Day 1: June 25 - Watersprite Tower, Gibson and Martin
The weather was overcast but sweltering, the ceiling stayed at around 2200m the whole day. I persuaded my girlfriend to drive me to the Watersprite trailhead early on Thursday morning. Unfortunately, as is common, we were late, and by the time we reached the turnoff for the Skookum IPP road, she was already late for work. The walk to the trailhead was the worst of the trip. The trail itself is quite pleasant and in great shape - I had only been to the area with snow on the ground.

I reached the lake in 3 hours from the gate and set up camp. [photo]DSCN4566.jpg[caption]Overcast but still beautiful. Watersprite Lake. I camped on the grass on the photos right.[/photo]

By this time, overwhelmed by the heat, I had already begun formulating plans to spend all the nights at Watersprite, but I was unsure if I could reach the far peaks in a single day.

I elected on an easy day and climbed Watersprite Tower (WT), then followed the ridge to Gibson and Martin Peaks.

From the lake I headed southeast up a low wide gully directly below WT and gained the first gully on climber's left, heading northeast. This was quite pleasant and I easily gained the...

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