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Harris Ridge from Taylor Cabin
Timestamp Free: 2018.11.14 - 13:55:19
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Chilcotin Ranges
  (3 days)
Participants: Konstantine Tcherenkov, Igor Zhigaltsev No technical difficulties. Some routefinding in a maze of trails.
We stayed at Taylor Cabin campsite and explored the Harris Ridge, walking all the way down and making nice loop back to our camp.
The weather report predicted a heat wave in Vancouver, so me and my friend decided to hide in the mountains and I picked up Southern Chilcotin as our destination. Perusing various books and trip reports, I suggested that we stay at Taylor Cabin campsite and explore Harris Ridge, walking all the way from East to West. While planning for the trip, I found subtle differences in trails shown in BC Backroad Mapbook (GPS edition) and Southern Chilcotin paper map by Trail Ventures BC. As I always do in such cases, I scanned the relevant section of paper map, calibrated the image using mapc2mapc software, then uploaded it to my Garmin Oregon GPS so that I can switch the maps on the fly. This proved to be very useful later.

Driving from Vancouver on Friday we got a flat tire on Hurley River road (I call it "Hurley toll" as it happened to many people before), quickly changed to spare and continued to Gold Bridge, then to Tyaughton Lake FSR, then to Taylor Creek FSR. The latter is good 4x4 up to last fork at km 2.8 where you go right (WGS84 164503) , then gets heavily overgrown and deteriorates. I was able to push my Jeep Wrangler for another 1.5 km with lots of effort and some hand saw work, and we parked in the clearing about 300 m from trailhead. In hindsight, we should've parked at the last fork and go left on the bike trail which connects with main trail in 2 km.

Taylor Creek trail is in fine shape, including foot bridge. There're some muddy sections, but all blowdown had been cleared so the trail is a pleasure to hike. We arrived at Taylor Cabin campsite in the evening and found it completely empty. The cabin looks OK, with four sleeping berths and a stove. We, however, decided to stay in our tent and used the cabin to store our backpacks and food....

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