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Yak - Nak - Thar Circuit - Scramblers Version
Timestamp Free: 2019.05.23 - 00:50:58
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades / Zopkios Ridge
  (1 days)
Participants: 6 BC Peaks Trails members
Difficulty: 3: Moderate, a couple short class 2/3 scrambling bits, short steep snow travel, mild bushwhacking, some route finding.
Moderately fast circuit to tackle a ridge crest tagging the peaks of Yak, Nak, and Thar.
Short on time this week... so some eye candy and quick notes:

* We took the standard route up to Yak, well marked and a couple water sources part way up

* If doing the traverse later in the summer - bring lots of water - no sources along ridge once snow vanishes

* Bugs only when you stop - we had a nice breeze to keep them at bay most of the day

* Snowfields still exist along the ridge crests between peaks and the horizontally below and 3/4 the way up the south face of Yak

* Nak to Thar - a couple 'steps' of scrambling ...class 2/3.

* No obvious/marked trail found to get up to Thar peak - illustrated our route on one of the photos

* We found a blue / orange flagged trail down from Thar peak to the power line road (see photo of cairn at trail start beside the road)

* Moving time 8h 30m in a group of 6 moving at slightly faster than moderate pace with lots of breaks for photos, food, water

* Creek crosses power line road about 5 minutes from exiting the bush.

* We parked at the pullout between Falls Lake exit and Zupjok Rest area

* There is a food truck at the Zupjok Rest area

[photo]20150607YakNakThar01Trailhead.jpg[caption]Yak Trail Head Cairn[/photo]

[photo]20150607YakNakThar03Yak.jpg[caption]Yak (once you exit the lower forest)[/photo]

[photo]20150607YakNakThar30.jpg[caption]Yak's impressive north face in profile from Yak-Nak ridge line[/photo]

[photo]20150607YakNakThar50NakNotes.jpg[caption]3 'steps' to scramble coming down off of Nak[/photo]

[photo]20150607YakNakThar49TharRoute.jpg[caption]Route we took up Thar from Nak[/photo]

[photo]20150607YakNakThar55.jpg[caption]Nak and Yak (left to right) from peak of Thar[/photo]

I have to say I really enjoyed this trip... payoff start right away once you clear the...

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