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Tantalus Traverse in a day
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.13 - 12:02:04
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Ryan Allderman, Adrian Armstrong
Difficulty: 4: Fairly long. One short section of steep skiing through the Dione notch. Steep traverses on skins. Long approach and return on rough steep trail.
A long one day traverse from Sigurd Creek to the Cable crossing at the Lake Lovely Water trail head
After years of thinking about it we finally got around to do doing the Tantalus Traverse. The main inspiration came from the classic Paul Kubic trip report.

We decided to do it in a day since heavy overnight packs would make it a three day trip. It was a perfect day for it, other than the fact that the snow was quite deep and fresh in a few places to allow fast travel, and the lake was not frozen adding hours to the trip.

The route. Around 3300m elevation gain and 40km . The travel time was around 19:45 including setting up for and crossing the cable over the Squamish River which for us was not quick. Unfortunately the lake was not frozen making the trip at least a few hours longer since the Lambda lake trail is very slow and strenuous. We didn't go all the way to Woodfiber, but I think it's doable in a day with the right snow level and firm snow. [photo]DSC00006.jpg[caption]Hiking up the Sigurd Creek Trail after a 3am start[/photo]

[photo]DSC00013.jpg[caption]A better BCMC trail. The snowline at the base of Pelion with Ossa in the background.[/photo]

What a great trail. This trip would not be possible without it.

[photo]DSC00028.jpg[caption]Below Pelion. About 5 hours from the start.[/photo]

[photo]DSC00036.JPG[caption]Adrian booting up to the high col of Pelion[/photo]

[photo]DSC00067.jpg[caption]After skiing down and across to the skiers right of the Pelion SE face (partly visible in the background)[/photo]

The bushy section required a bit of down sliding/climbing. We didn't find a way that was skiable, possibly to the far skiers right

[photo]DSC00059.JPG[caption]On the Pelion - Zenith ridge, the low point of the traverse[/photo]

[photo]DSC00072.JPG[caption]Speeding up to the Zenith - Tantalus...

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