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Hozomeen NE Ridge Route Info
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.18 - 07:20:58
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades
  (2 days)
Participants: Daniel Olsen, Brett Logan
Difficulty: 4: Class 3-5 Scrambling/Climbing, Long Approach
More NE Ridge Route Info
Approach: 1) Via the "Skyline Trail West" from near the southern end of the Silver Skagit road. This option has more elevation gain but is shorter in distance. 2) Via the "Skyline Trail East" from Strawberry Flats in Manning Park. This option has less elevation gain but is longer (however, since most of the hiking is fairly flat, and one is already in the sub-alpine, the views are constant and come August the trail is lined with wildflowers and blueberries).

In either case you connect with the "Hozameen Ridge Trail" and head south towards the border. Beyond the border monuments, the trail becomes faint, then disappears altogether and one must choose their own path into the basin north of the peak.

Camping/Bivy: We chose a site along the rolling Hozameen Ridge Trail, where night finally caught up to us after 3 hours of speed-walking from Strawberry Flats. There are countless options along this ridge with excellent views of the valleys both east and west and of the objective rising up from the south. The border monument area is a great spot, although like the rest of the ridge, in dry season there will be no water. To find water, one must proceed into the basin north of the peak which is characterized by heather, blueberries, and rocky slabs. There are also grassy terraces along the NE Ridge, and as Justin Brown demonstrated, room for AT LEAST two to sleep on the summit itself. (Note: I imagine people coming from Manning also stay in the Mowich Camp, which has at least a trickle of running water, but personally I find this spot quite dark and dank given the airy options in the area).

The NE Ridge: There is an obvious weakness that allows one to gain the ridge on the left side of the basin when looking at the mountain from the north. This is the easiest route...

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