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Blanshard Needle, Wedge, and a week (Story)
Timestamp Free: 2018.05.25 - 11:54:09
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Chehalis Group
  (7 days)
Participants: Daniel Olsen, Brett Logan 4 for Endurance
Man finally realizes summer freedom
8:00am - Wedgemount Lake When I arrived at the hut the night before, I set a contingency alarm to wake me just in case. Sure enough, the thing started tweaking away as I was nestled deep within my cabin lair. I tried to lie to myself, to say that I should just relax this morning. Then I looked outside the window to the steel green of the glacier lake and the looming monsters overhead. In an instant everything changed. I got dressed, drank coffee, and prepared for adventure ahead.

2:30pm - Again at Wedgemount Lake It's funny how the most freeing of places - The Mountains - can, in an instant, become a dark and gloomy prison. I was high on a loose spur heading up the West Ridge of Wedge, watching microwave-sized balls of fury crash down the adjacent slopes and explode into a million rock offspring in throaty orgasms. I kept trying alternate routes, left and right to avoid rockfall and find my way, but to no avail. There didn't seem to be a "Green Run" up this beast. From the SouthWest, the clouds lifted and engrossed me. I was looking for the gusto to continue. I was giving myself a very motivating speech. Instead I found rock falling, grapefruit-sized this time, a mere 50 feet from where I perched, in the exact area I hoped to climb. "That's enough!" I said, beginning my retreat. As a consolation prize I bagged the heaping pile of scree known as Parkhurst Mountain, and after re-filling my water reserves from the purest of sources - a thin clear stream slicing across the hard spine of a glacier, I made it back to the hut. But what was I searching for in the first place? Why get out of bed at all to incur risk, exhaustion, and unforeseen challenge? For me, it is to carve-out a new fantastic existence in a terrain the eyes have yet to behold. And with this comes the...

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