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Sample Routes around Nineteen Mile Creek Trail
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.18 - 07:14:56
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)
Information for accessing 19 Mile Trail and Skywalk South and North
Editor's Note:
 Below is a series of reports on various possible routes. Some of the places referred to may be difficult to figure out for people not familiar with Whistler. We are working to label some of them with lat-longs.

Some Sample Routes:

  1. Complete 19 Mile Creek Trail out and back from Mountainview Place=13km

  2. Complete 19 Mile Creek Trail out and back with extension to Iceberg Lake from Mountainview Place=15km

  3. Skywalk North from Mountainview Place utilizing Flank Trail North access and returned via the 19 Mile Creek Trail = 20.2km

  4. Skywalk South from Mountainview Place, out and back from southern high point, using 19 Mile Creek Trail = 15.1km

  5. Skywalk South as above, with detour for Iceberg Lake=17.1km
     Skywalk North and South from Mountainview Place, returning by 19 Mile Creek Trail=24.4km

  6. Complete Skywalk from Mountainview Place, descending via "Jaws" to Rainbow Lake Trailhead=22.3km


There are numerous access possibilities for the Skywalk Trails.
  1.From the south: Access can be gained either from the Rainbow Lake Trail THD or the Flank Trail about 27 Switchbacks. This is currently unmarked, but is the exit of a trails bike trail that is used more frequently by heli-dropped mountain bikers. To access this trail, either ascend the 27 Switchback Trail from the Rainbow Lake Trailhead (note that this climbs the north side of 21 Mile Creek and is not the normal Rainbow Lake Trail) to the Flank, or access the section of Flank south of the Alpine Way access until an obvious mountain bike trail descends to the Flank. One will notice that the Flank Trail has been improved in this area in the last year as well. Note that this access to the south end of Skywalk South has not been marked at this point...

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