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Tangled Summit Speed Ascent
Timestamp Free: 2019.05.27 - 05:34:07
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Brett Logan 2 - Steep Hiking
A trip report testing the new Bivouac systems, outlining a speed ascent of Tangled Summit. I borrowed the photo from Greg Jones' TR as I didn't take a camera, and was fascinated by the same view.
This hike is well described in other Bivouac TRs, online sites, and "103 Hikes...", yet everyone seems to have different names for the high points of this ridge. Perhaps that's what is "Tangled" about it. At any rate, the first 4 km of the trek is on a service road so a bike is highly recommended. I ran to and from the trailhead as I'm in training for a mountain marathon but otherwise I wouldn't have dreamed that punishment in the scorching sun on even my worst enemies.

The trailhead is past Bunzten Lake's North Beach and is signed, "Halvor Lundgren Trail, Swan Falls." Into the trees, you rise steeply to the waterfall with its beautiful polished granite, which doubles as an excellent watering hole. From there, it is onwards and upwards on an easy-to-follow, sustained trail. You pass numerous granite blocks and cross right through two gullies. Finally, fantastic views of Vancouver open up and shortly later you enter a lovely subalpine meadow, which in my case, was under a 3 foot blanket of snow.

Here I committed my minimalist running shoe clad feet to an icy torture and ran/post-holed to the (tangled) summit. The views were panoramic and to be honest, very impressive given the accessibility. Like Greg Jones, I was drawn to the jutting peaks and large walls to the NE. Once sated with coastal geography, and after having eaten my granola bar, I turned and ran down the mountain. Including a dunk in the frigid lake, this mission took me exactly 4 hours. Necessary equipment? On the day in question, the only essential item was effective sunglasses. [photo]TangledSummitViewNE.jpg[caption]View NE over Coquitlam...

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