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Goat Range ski traverse attempt
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.16 - 03:56:56
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Slocan Ranges / Goat Range (Kootenays)
  (4 days)
Participants: Stefan Feldmann, Mike Baker, and Justin Vance Moderate
To traverse the Goat Range on skis from Retallack to Poplar creek
Day 1
 Stefan, Mike and I hoping we had a good weather window set off to ski the Goat Range Traverse from Retallack to Poplar creek. After dropping a truck off in Poplar creek we drove to Retallack, and spent the night. Early April 10th we woke to find clear skies and a good freeze, a good start. Finding our way through the maze of logging roads above Retallack in the dark was our first challenge. A bit of guessing and backtracking got us up into the alpine without too much trouble. Other than being a big push, getting up and over White Water pass was straight forward. [photo]MtBrennan.jpg[caption]almost at the pass[/photo]
  Once past the higher elevation crust the decent down to Kane creek was excellent! [photo]descent.jpg[caption]descending to Kane creek[/photo]
  We were in camp by 1:00, by 2:30 the wet avalanches began pouring down the steeper faces. A fire and running water were a treat! Middle of the night the rain came.
  Day 2
 We woke to rain and warm temperatures. We continued on to the second pass between Mount McHardy and Mount Marten. Up higher the snow accumulation was minimal, but the visibility was low. [photo]whiteout.jpg[caption]skiing in low visability[/photo]
  We decided to push on descending down to keen Creek. Part way down into Keen conditions worsened. The snow accumulation quadrupled and we started initiating wet avalanches on the steeper sections. Once into the trees we had to make a decision. The snow was not letting off, warm temps, and new slides down most slide paths convinced us to not ski up Rossland Creek but to descend to Wilson Creek to Rosebery. We made camp just short of Wilson Creek.
  Day 3
  The next day was a 12 hour push out to the highway which included 5 km of walking...

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