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Unnecessary North sans view, with Mathieu
Timestamp Free: 2019.05.19 - 04:29:41
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Britannia Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Mathieu Devos, Brett Logan 2 - Steep Hiking
1 Anglophone 1 Francophone 1 Mountain 2 Smokes
I can't imagine taking the last few steps to the summit with a cigarette dangling from my mouth, but then again, I'm not French.

Meet Mathieu. Il est mon meilleur ami from the winter I spent in Quebec City, and he doesn't normally climb mountains. I thought "Unnec" - as it's referred to at the trail signpost - would be a manageable task and offer a splendid perch for a visitor to view the region.

We left at 09h15 from the top of Oceanview Rd. and reached the summit at 12h35. Traveling across sun-baked snow in the subalpine we heard the distant roar of a large spring avalanche, but due to the surrounding echo parameters of water and mountains I could not pinpoint its location. Either way, staying on safe terrain was the task of the day and we were redundant about avoiding potential slide zones. In fact, I had spent the entirety of any trip planning time reading avalanche bulletins and not trail information and was thus content when the route remained obvious the whole way. It is well marked, the flagging and weathered tree-metal easily visible even in winter conditions. I think the last marker I saw before pressing towards the top was approximately 50 vertical meters shy of the summit plateau.

Then came a sound that I attempt to avoid like taxes..."Wuumph." The settling of the wind-packed summit plateau beneath my feet was enough to make the stay on top a short one. 1 brief picnic. 1 summit smoke. 1 minute West Lion viewing time before the clouds charged in. 1 view of Anvil. And finally, 2 hours later, on our safe return to the car, 1 more victory cigarette for my French friend. Bienvenue a Vancouver! [photo]Mathieu_Sommet.jpg[caption]Summit Cig[/photo]


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