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Godmother Peak (Crown N1) - South Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.29 - 19:23:35
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Howe Sound Group
  (1 days)
Participants: Serguei Okountsev, Xiao Wu (#23567;#21556;) NTD, some steep short partially exposed step just at the col, negoitiated with one ice axe.
Snowshoed to the summit of Godmother Peak (Crown N1) via south ridge from Spindle Col.
ROUTE STATISTICS Start elevation: 1,070 m Summit elevation: 1,408 m Distance, return: 12.4 km Elevation Gain: 2,024 m

TRIP STATISTICS Snow temp : -0.2C Time, round trip: 11h33m [photo]DSC_4502.jpg[caption]Crown N1 as seen from summit of Goat two days prior.[/photo]

Started from the Peak Chalet in beautiful Sunday morning. Passing Dam took some photos. [photo]DSC_4745.jpg[caption]Cathedral and Burwell from Dam[/photo]
  [photo]DSC_4762.jpg[caption]Elsay Mountain, Judge Howay top left, Robie Reid far right, Lynn Peak below[/photo]
  [photo]DSC_4768.jpg[caption]Mount Seymour[/photo]
  [photo]IMG_5847.jpg[caption]Crown, Camel, Crown N1[/photo]

Then dropped to Hanes Valley, passing base of the Crown Couloir. As it snowed all previous day there were no tracks. Crossed fresh impressive huge avalanche debris [photo]IMG_5893.jpg[caption]..produced by the Crown family ~1km away[/photo]

..and then started climbing to the Spindle - Crown N1 col. [photo]IMG_5929.jpg[caption]climbing to the Spindle[/photo]
  It was getting very warm, but all around was quiet as nothing moved. Once at the col, we took off snowshoes and strapped our crampons on. Both of us carried personal base alpine climbing gear sets plus two short snow pickets and 30m 8mm dynamic rope, which we never touched.

Shortly before reaching the summit a cloud moved in. [photo]DSC_5089.jpg[caption][/photo]
  Had lunch in zero visibility, which shortly broke to allow us to take a few shots. [photo]DSC_5164.jpg[caption]Spindle Peak from North. Photo taken from the summit of Crown N1.[/photo]
  Returned via same route, with snow getting heavy and wet. [photo]IMG_6034.jpg[caption]Downclimbing the step[/photo]
  Hanes Valley snow...

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