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Tunnel Bluffs to the Yahoo cabin
Timestamp Free: 2018.06.17 - 16:44:53
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Britannia Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Paul Kubik, dog Linus A2
An easy hike to the Yahoo cabin.
Some trail work by yours truly and a few others reestablished the Tunnel Bluffs trail around 2000. WeedWhacker on CT beginning after the highway expansion project then took up the challenge of reestablishing the hiking route to Hat Mountain via its west face and in the process built a trail to the Yahoo cabin. The cabin was formerly reached by a very overgrown spur off Brunswick trail. [photo]DSCF2059.jpg [caption]Section of trail just above the highway.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2060.jpg [caption]Baby tunnel bluff.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2061.jpg [caption]What makes a dog happy?[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2062.jpg [caption]Answer: Trails with a soft tread.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2063.jpg [caption]Answer: Interesting bones.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2064.jpg [caption]Answer: Exploring alder forests in June.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2065.jpg [caption]Part of the M Creek slide that took nine lives October 28, 1981. See;dc[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2066.jpg [caption]M Creek slide.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2067.jpg [caption]Trail cut by WeedWhacker.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2068.jpg [caption]Yahoo cabin circa 1969.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2069.jpg [caption]Yahoo cabin.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2070.jpg [caption]Cleaned up and provisioned by WeedWhacker.[/photo]

[photo]DSCF2071.jpg [caption]Interior decorating by the...

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