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Mount Elsay and Rector Peak
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.21 - 05:23:34
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Fannin Range
  (3 days)
Participants: SaraL and ScottC Fairly well-flagged route to Mt Elsay, slight foot path in many areas, but not always. A lot of bushwhacking to Rector Peak, some steep descents, but bushes and tree branches helpful in descending. Some flagging but route-finding was needed. Re-flagged the route from Rector Peak to junction of trail in saddle btw Mt. Elsay and Runners Peak so getting to Rector Peak should be much easier.
Backcountry hike to Mt Elsay from trail and Rector Peak then return to Seymour Parking lot via boulder scree below Mt Elsay and up the main Elsay Lake trail to main Seymour trail
We had planned a trip to hike the Fannin Range from Mount Seymour-Rector, Curate and Vicar Peaks in 2-3 nights with the help of our trusty compasses and a map of the North Shore, where a mountaineering trail is clearly mapped out from Seymour to Vicar Lakes. Our heavy packs made the trip slow and much tougher as there was a lot of route finding in areas and steep descents. On day one, we hike to the gully between 2nd and 3rd peak at Mt. Seymour and followed the trail to the right to Mount Elsay. From there, the route was easy to follow with flagging tape and on most sections, a bit of a foot path. There were a few spots where you had to descend or traverse some snow, but not too technical. Upon reaching the saddle between Mt. Elsay and Runners Peak, we decided to camp overnight on top of Mount Elsay for our first night. Just slightly above this saddle, we saw a metal sign indicating a trail to Mt. Bishop to the west, and Mt. Elsay to the North. It took just over an over with heavy packs to reach the summit of Mt. Elsay, where we tarped for the night. Lots of bugs along the trail and on the summit but they eased up during the night.

The next day, we headed back down to the saddle and took the trail leading west towards Mt. Bishop. The trail flagging at start of trail is blue in color which helped to spot the start of the trail. From here, there was flagging along the entire route and some metal markers to Rector Peak but not everywhere, so we had to do quite a bit of route-finding along the way.

Before reaching Rector Peak, we arrived at some sort of a false peak, likely around the saddle we saw on our map between the start of the trail (saddle btw Mt. Elsay/Runner's Peak) and Rector Peak. The flagging led us to a small cliff which we did not descend. Instead, we...

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