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Ski Traverse - Conroy Creek to Swift Creek via Old Growth Valley
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.31 - 14:28:52
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Dave Williams, Javier, Robin Tivy, Betsy Waddington
Difficulty: 3:
A new variation on the classic Garibaldi Lake - Swift Creek traverse. From Conroy ck, over Clinker Ridge and down to Warren meadows, then up Warrent Gl and down Old Growth creek to Swift creek.
Earlier this year, Steve Grant, Betsy and I had investigated the Conroy Creek road as a day trip, and upon reading that trip report, Dave Williams suggested a bold new weekend trip: Here's the general route: we could push onward from Clinker ridge area and drop down into Warren Meadows (the huge meadow area at the head of the north fork of Culliton Creek), cross that meadow, then climb up onto the Warren Glacier north of Mount Garibaldi, cross over the ridge at the west edge of the Warren Glacier, then down "Old Growth Creek" (the south fork of Culliton Creek, and then up and over to the Swift Creek road and out.

We had done the "old Growth" part of this trip several times, but this new variation would avoid the over used Garibaldi Lake trail. Also we'd be crossing through the seldom visited lava flow terrain west of Clinker Peak.

So we met at the church at 7:00 with my Subaru Loyale and Dave's new (used) Subaru Outback. Due to the cold wet storm of Friday, there was fresh snow on the Swift Creek road, almost right from the highway. We drove both cars up the Swift creek road and thru the "wood carvers" yard and continued up the Swift Creek road. This road has been fixed up, but there are still minor cross ditches and the snow got deeper as we churned up the gravel beneath the snow in 4WD. At 600m, we decided the snow was too deep, so we left my car at a wide pullout (see waypoints) and all four of us piled into Dave's car for the trip to Conroy Creek.

The lower Conroy road was easy driving and we easily reached the Chek Canyon parking lot at 460m. See Chek Canyon Recreation Site. See waypoints. We could have continued north but decided we may as well walk. It was a winter wonderland, with the fresh snow on the willows....

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