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Sigurd Peak North Face Ski
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.09 - 16:48:46
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 2400m
Participants: Alexis Guigue, Paul Kubik, Craig Speirs
Difficulty: 4:
Parked car at Sigurd trailhead and skied up Sigurd trail, then Rose trail to summit of Sigurd. Then skied down the north face to the Ashlu road, and back around to the car.
The weather forecast was for sunny breaks but it was gently raining as we left West Vancouver. We set off from the Sigurd trailhead on Ashlu Main around 8 AM. One hour of hiking brought us to the valley above Crooked Falls and continuous snow. It was a short distance from the skin up point to the Rose Trail, which is the shortest route to Sigurd Peak. The trail has not been cleared recently for skiing so what with the low snowpack this year there was a lot of dancing on skis over and around obstacles. There was only about one metre of snow at the junction of Sigurd and Rose trails.

It was a steep haul up Rose Trail. In a couple of places doing switchbacks on skis I wiped out on water ice, once sliding down into a tree. It must have been quite warm below 1200 metres earlier in the week and then freeze hard. Craig resorted to ski crampons but broke one completely and bent the other out of shape. Around 1100 metres we broke out onto the east ridge proper of Sigurd. The angle eased and the snow conditions improved. [photo]Sigurd_Lunch1200.jpg[caption]Lunch at 1200m[/photo]

 Briefly there was Styrofoam snow and then around 1300 metres we transited onto nice cohesive snow for trail breaking. Unfortunately, we climbed the unnecessary bump on the ridge at 1400 metres and had to drop back down, losing 100 metres. Normally, the trail skirts the bump on its south side but we missed the markers entirely.

The ridge climb was pleasant. The clouds showed no sign of clearing but there was no wind and we had good visibility across the adjacent valleys but not to the higher peaks. [photo]SigurdRidge.jpg[caption]Section of ridge at 1400m that leads up to Sigurd Peak. Nice enough, but not good visibility[/photo]

 Still time was pressing on and it was 3 PM before we were...

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