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The Gargoyles and Columnar on Skis
Timestamp Free: 2019.12.13 - 09:05:20
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Matthew Hall and Dominique Goineau
Difficulty: 3: Some steep slopes and a long day skiing (the actual distance was 29.7km before thinning up the gps data)
A back country skiing day reaching The Gargoyles and Columnar via the Elfin Lake and Diamond Head parking.
We arrived at the Diamond Head parking at 7am. The grader did a good job cleaning the snow and both our vehicles where able to get to the end of the road (one of the vehicle had summer tires and two wheel drives). The trail was more plowed then the two other days we came during the week. It was quick to reach Red Heather and then we took the winter route towards Elfin's Lake. [photo]DSCF0224.jpg [caption]From the Diamond Head Parking, skiing towards Elfin Lake via the winter route[/photo]

[photo]DSCF0240.jpg [caption]Columnar, The Gargoyles, Garibaldi and Diamond Head in the back ground[/photo]

About 1km before the hut we left the open trail and aimed directly at the Gargoyles. [photo]DSCF0255.jpg [caption]The line we took at the base of Columnar towards The Gargoyles[/photo]

Fortunately for us a snowshoewer did open the trail and we reached the summit of Gargoyles quite fast from the west face which was hard snow (wind crust). [photo]DSCF0261.jpg [caption]The hard snow on the west face of The Gargoyles[/photo]

[photo]DSCF0263.jpg [caption]Matt preparing his skis before a smooth run on the north east face of The Gargoyles[/photo]

We did two runs on the south face and then aimed at Columnar by crossing the north east ridge. [photo]DSCF0282.jpg [caption]Towards the ridge and Columnar from The Gargoyles[/photo]

We reached the summit and then back tracked a bit before we went for a run on the north east face which was not the best snow we had on this day. We then climbed the south east face. Some wind slabs where cracking when we arrived close to the top. All day the snow was stable and we heard no whomphing sounds. [photo]DSCF0316.jpg [caption]The view just below the summit of Columnar on the south east slope[/photo]


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