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Akamina Ridge and Forum Peak Hiking Loop
Timestamp Free: 2019.10.14 - 04:53:51
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Border Ranges / Flathead Range (BC)
  (1 days)
Participants: Alex Joseph Easy scramble
One of at least 3 classic hiking trails in Waterton NP area. Akamina Ridge is in BC within Akamina-Kinshenena PP. Forum Peak is attached to Akamina Ridge and an easy addition for a 17km loop.
One of at least 3 classic hiking trails (Akamina Ridge, Crypt Lake, Carthew-Alderson) in Waterton National Park area. Akamina Ridge is actually in BC within Akamina-Kinshenena Provincial Park although accessed from Waterton.

I had read on the web about how Akamina-Kinshenena Provincial Park was largely being ignored by BC Parks. That report must have been after a wind event because the trails and signage in the park seemed almost better maintained than in Waterton.

Leaving the trailhead with numerous cars at 8:30am or so, I passed a few crowds including an elderly bunch when the trail split for Forum Lake. I chose to the follow the trail as opposed to bushwack up the ridge as some trip reports on the web had referenced. After an incline up to Forum Lake where I found a few people fishing, the trail winds to the northwest side of the lake and up through the meadows to the ridge.

Here I met up with an athletic couple and son from Burlington. They were moving slower and I wondered how early they must have awoken to be at this point. They asked about what I thought of the snow and whether it would be passable. I chuckled that it was late August but who knows! I said to myself that it had to be passable this late in the season...and wondered whether I was going to face snow slopes without an ice axe.

Turns out the residual snow was never an issue. Stepping up the ridge on a steep sand and stone path gave way to ridge and wide open meadow where I could see Forum Peak off to the left. Here is a panorama photo: Panorama (right to left) of Mount Custer, Chapman Peak, Mount Alderson, Mount Carthew, Mount Rowe, Mount Lineham, Mount Blakiston, Mount Hawkins, Mount Festubert, Akamina Ridge, Long Knife Peak, Kinnerly Peak, Kintla Peak from summit of Forum...

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