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Grand Teton Upper Exum Ridge nice but 50 Classics nice?
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 19:10:59
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / US Rockies / Wyoming Rockies / Teton Range
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 2146m
Participants: Chris Daniel, Trempess Moore, Alex Joseph
Difficulty: 5: 5.5, II
Getting back on alpine rock with climbing buddies on one of the 50 Classic Climbs of North America in the Grand Tetons.
This was the second time to the Grand Tetons for me. The first time in July 2003, we (Trempess and I) didn't bring ice axes or crampons and were told that it was too icy, so we bailed to City of Rocks.

Jahnny (Chris) had been married here a couple years prior and thus the place had become a bit spiritual for him and he wanted to get up the peak in his wedding photos.

Trempess was driving down from Calgary and if I remember, Jahnny flew in. I was out East at my parents in Thunder Bay and had a conference in Toronto so I drove my car down to Minneapolis, flew to Toronto for the conference then back to Minneapolis and drove west through South Dakota and Wyoming and came into Jackson Hole area from the east via US Hwy #287 with Gannet Peak to the south. That was some dry territory with some beautiful pine forest passes. But a long drive across Wyoming. I slept near Devil's Tower and it took most of the day before I was in an open cafe in Jackson Hole reminiscing with the guys. [photo]IMG_3461.JPG[caption]On the approach to Grand Teton[/photo]

We stayed overnight in the American Alpine Club Climbers Ranch and headed to the Lupine Meadows trailhead for a day hike up to the saddle between the Middle Teton and that Grand Teton. On this trail ascent, we got a good look at the Exum Ridge and although it looked very doable, we didn't want to miss summitting and thus we were too precautious and decided to stick to the Upper Exum Ridge which as more apparent from our location and seemed a guarantee with the time we had.

At the saddle, we bivied with a few others. Some just up scrambling or hiking. Others heading up to the summit with us. There was some stone shelters and it got chilly quickly after the sun went down. We spent a little time recalling the other 50...

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