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A classic trail in the Waterton area, Carthew-Alderson Trail with a bike start
Timestamp Free: 2019.10.14 - 20:10:09
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Border Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Alex Joseph Easy 20 km hike with steep, switchback climb from Cameron Lake up to meadows, ridges, and lakes before descending back into forest enroute to Waterton.
Going solo for the 20 km classic Carthew-Alderson trail required a 9 km bike ride to Cameron Lake (I'm too cheap to pay for the shuttle).
I had my eye on the three classic hiking trails in Waterton all winter. The idea was to hike Akamina Ridge, Carthew-Alderson and then paddle Crypt Lake. After bailing on Crypt Lake on the May Long Weekend, Carthew-Alderson was up.

It required a shuttle or bike and since I am way too cheap to pay for a shuttle (and wait for the right timing), I left from Calgary at 6am with my Giant Trance X2 in toe and embarked from Waterton townsite at 8:30am.

It was getting warm already and the climb up from Waterton on the Cameron Lake road worked the legs. I enjoyed the shadows and distracted myself from my unfit legs with the great skyline as I wound my way down the valley.

Once at Cameron Lake, I wandered around looking for water and learned that there is not potable water at the lake. Oh well, one litre should do. I wandered down the trailhead about 100m away from the crowds and then ducked in the bush to stash my bike and lock it to a tree.

Then up the switch backs in the mature forest above Cameron Lake. Thankfully it was in the shade so the ascent went quite well and I crested in the forest to find a meadow opening up to Summit Lake with spectacular panorama of Glacier Park to the south. [photo]P7220005a.jpg[caption]Summit Lake at the top of the switchbacks up from Cameron Lake with Chapman Peak (left) and Mount Custer (right)[/photo]

There was a camp site on the lake edge and I saw a guy napping. Quietly I slapped on some sun screen and ate some lunch and the departed as he stirred, "Hey buddy, good nap?" [photo]P7220010a.jpg[caption]Trail heading east towards Cameron Lakes from the pass[/photo]

From here the trail ascends up towards Mount Carthew along the south side of the ridge and cuts a nice path across the scree across a wide open slope that...

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