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Cook Mtn & Wedgemount Lake
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.11 - 22:14:23
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Started solo and met 4 nice British guys and two more from Toronto
Difficulty: 2: Moderate scrambling in winter, possibility of going more technical by going straight up (north), or easier by going around the west scree section.
A winter hike to Wedgemount Lake and then scramble up to Cook Mtn (2000m elevation gain from parking to summit) plus a visit to the Wedgemount Glacier's cave for some pictures on the next day
[photo]CookGraph.jpg[caption]Elevation Graph[/photo]

The trail up to Wedgemount Lake is a nice and sustain uphill trail. Crampons where not necessary up to the lake. Some snow in the trail but a lot less than what I saw few days ago at Helm Glacier few km away. My snow shoes were not necessary during all this trip.

The view is pretty much the forest up to about 3/4 up, then it open up
  [photo]IMGP0052.jpg[caption]The first open view[/photo]

I arrived at the hut which is free and seem to be open all year around. I've carried my tent just in case but there was enough space to sleep 7 guys in there (5 on the top platform and two on the tables). There's some nice spots for tent as well around the lake.

After a quick brew we head up to Cook Mtn which is the easiest one to reach from Wedgemount lake. The ground is covered with snow at the hut level but not frozen. The snow was already hard about half the way up. I've used crampons, helmet and ice axe. [photo]IMGP0057.jpg[caption]Going up a snow path instead of taking the classic west route, its more direct and seem more fun as well[/photo]

[photo]IMGP0063.jpg[caption]A view on Wedgemount Lake on the way up[/photo]

About 250m from the summit, the ridge go down and we climbed up a short steeper section which brought us to the last part up to the summit. We went slightly on the left and used the ice axe to clear up some steps and rock holds. It might be possible to do it down on the east side instead (?) [photo]IMGP0076.jpg[caption]This is the view after we've passed the steeper section before Cook Mtn summit, looking back at the ridge. One member stayed and waited for us to come back, we can see a small green dot on the higher left third of the picture.[/photo]

As we headed back, a flock of...

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