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Sigurd-Pokosha Horseshoe -Bike and Hike (with Sigurd Lake)
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.15 - 10:24:44
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Robin Tivy, Betsy Waddington
Difficulty: 3: Very rough terrain, lots of route finding challenges, and very tough bushwacking across avalanche slopes in Pokosha Creek before you hit road.
A glorious horseshoe loop, partially on trails, and through extensive alpine. Spectacular views of the remote Phantom-Tzoonie area, as well as Pelion and Ossa, and frozen Sigurd Lake.
In the past, I had skied up Pokosha Creek and through to Ossa and Pelion, and also hiked up to the lakes via the Sigurd Trail. But I had never done the crossover between Sigurd and Pokosha in the summer. When I read Paul Kubik's report of doing the crossover, it sounded interesting. Since he had done it as a day trip, we figured a two day version would be leisurely. But now, I'd recommend a three day trip, which would allow more time exploring the highlands around Sigurd Lake.

As is often the case, my preparation was hasty and last minute. All I did was load the bivouac .gpx files onto my GPS for the Sigurd trail and the Pokosha Spur. (Turns out this was VERY useful). Then I imported the peak names and a couple of roads into Memory map and printed out a little 1:50K map. Also I put in some spare batteries for the GPS so I could make a complete GPS track log of the entire trip. So the waypoints you see in this report show EXACTLY where we went. Only mistake was I made it one big gpx file, which the bivouac parser could not handle. In future, I'd break it into a couple of pieces, and set the "Record interval" to 50m.

So Betsy and I set out Saturday morning, amid blue skies, with 2 bikes on the roof. We turned onto the Ashlu main, drove past A200 which goes to the Sigurd trailhead, and continued up the Ashlu Canyon. We went past the fork where Ashlu main goes down to the river, and also the fork +2 km later that goes down to the power dam. It just seemed like we were continuing on the main road, but we knew we were now on A600, the road that goes to the Pokosha spur and beyond. Once past the dam, the road got rougher. On hills I was using 4WD in first gear. We drove right past the Pokosha spur without seeing it, mostly because we were concentrating on the...

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