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Asgard from Mulvey Basin
Timestamp Free: 2019.01.18 - 05:39:22
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Valhalla Ranges / Valhalla Range / Mulvey Group
  (2 days)
Participants: Len Zedel Class 4. Use of crampons and ice-axe.
A two day solo trip in to Mulvey Basin and on to Asgard.
In a sense, this trip starts in St. John's because in the ideal plan, I was to fly into Vancouver arriving at 12:00 noon and then get myself downtown to the Avis office on Hornby St. I figured with any luck I could drive halfway to Slocan that evening and finish off the drive early friday morning and start hiking. That's not what happened.

Air Canada was 5 hours delayed in Toronto due to mechanical problems. To repay for my frustration I was given a free set of earphones and a promotion code that appears to give me a $50 discount if I buy a $500 ticket. The delay was such that I could not make it downtown to Avis before they closed and I was stuck opting for plan B which involved spending the night with my friend Steve and getting out of Vancouver the next day.

Steve ran me downtown in the morning for 07:00 when Avis opens. The process was complicated somewhat by the fact that Avis thought that I had re booked the car when I had only called to inform them I'd be a little late. I layed out my papers and codes ready for a challenge. At first the woman at the counter stone walls and says, "YOU rebooked". I ask her what idiot would rebook the same day she acquiesced and made it all good. Im finally on my way!

The drive to Slocan was uneventful. I only stopped in Chilliwack to buy some food and fuel for the trip (ahh for the days when you could put a fueled whitegas stove in your carry on). I arrived in Slocan at 18:00 and drove down to the climbing area beside the sawmill to have a look and to eat dinner: ham sandwiches.

Around 18:30 I figured Id better get going so I hopped back into the car and started driving up the Bannock FSR following my progress on the GPS plugged into the computer. The road was somewhat longer than I had figured or perhaps my speed...

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