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Beyond The Devils: Mount Bor and Urd Peak
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.24 - 07:56:46
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Valhalla Ranges / Valhalla Range / Devils Range
  (2 days)
Participants: Doug Brown, Sandra McGuinness, Alanna Theoret
Difficulty: 3: Class 3/4 scrambling, off trail hiking.
A two day trip into the Valhalla Range with climbs of Mount Bor and Urd Peak.
Mount Bor lies on crenelated ridge north of Black Prince (unmarked on NTS 82F13) and, on the map, has the appearance of a couple of bat ears with a slightly higher (8 metres) southwestern peak, (now called Mount Buri) while the lower northeastern peak sports the name "Mount Bor" on mapsheet 82F13. In late June 2007, three of us climbed the higher Mount Buri as a day trip from the Drinnon Lake trailhead (Gwillim Lake Trail in Bivouac). For many years, I'd been intending to go back and tag the lower northeastern peak (Mount Bor), but time, conditions and other constraints delayed my return by five years.

In late July, 2012, in a brief period of clear weather between massive rain events, three of us again hiked into Gwillim Lakes on the well-maintained Guillim Lake Trail, maintained by BC Parks. The campground at Gwillim was either under water or under snow and completely deserted - apart from marmots. After a quick break we crossed the two outlet creeks from Gwillim Lakes on a solid snowbridge (first) and wet rocks (second). On the north side of the lakes, a rough trail leads up to the upper Gwillim Lakes and is most commonly used by scramblers heading for the south ridge of Lucifer Peak. We followed this trail to the upper basin, then some boulder hopping for 60 metres or so led to nice solid snow that took good steps all the way to the Black Prince-Lucifer col. [photo]l_bp_col.jpg[caption]Alanna and Doug heading up to the Lucifer-Black Prince col[/photo]

On the north side, after a quick easy snow descent of perhaps 180 metres, we found a relatively level gravel/slab platform beside a creek and made camp. The weather was somewhat gloomy but no thunderstorms seemed imminent so we headed up towards Mount Bor. The only guidebook for the area,...

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