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How Not To Climb Mount Shardelow
Timestamp Free: 2019.09.22 - 07:16:40
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Valhalla Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Sandra McGuinness Awful bushwhacking.
A miserable, pathetic even, failure to climb Mount Shardelow with musings on two better routes to the summit.
The Valkyr Range is a sub-range of the more impressive Valhalla Range and encompasses 10 named peaks, none particularly impressive but all featuring plenty of alpine ridge rambling, from Naumulten Mountain in the north to Mount Stanley in the south. The more northerly peaks are best accessed from the west (Burton area) - a long drive from my house near Nelson - while the southerly peaks can be accessed from the east, primarily from Koch Creek FSR.

About 10 km from the end of Koch Creek FSR, a bridge over Watson Creek has collapsed, this makes any trips beyond Mista Peak longer than previous as the remainder of Koch Creek FSR must be either biked or walked.

One rather wet, cloudy day in early June 2012, I set off to climb Mount Shardelow from the east, although I had some misgivings about tackling the peak from this direction. Ten years ago, a friend of mine had climbed Mount Shardelow in 3.5 hours but that was back in the day when you could drive both Koch Creek FSR and Dago Creek FSR. I had an extra nine kilometres of logging road to tackle, either on foot or by bike, but, the option of driving around to Burton and bashing up Taite Creek FSR, which while rough is driveable to within 2 km of Mount Shardelow was distinctly unappealing. After all, how hard could a combination of walking/biking a mere nine kilometres be?

I parked just before the broken down bridge on Koch Creek FSR and strapped my pack to the bike rack, where upon it proceeded to fall off every time I went over the slightest bump. Pedaling up Koch Creek FSR the muscles in my butt immediately began screeching. I think I'm reasonably fit - for someone pushing 50, in any case - I can squat my body weight - how can a small thing like biking a few kilometres on a relatively smooth logging road be so...

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