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More Travels with Captain Bivouac: Battleship Lakes to Cloudraker Spur
Timestamp Free: 2019.08.26 - 03:31:46
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges
  (5 days)
Participants: Doug Brown, Sandra McGuinness, Betsy Waddington, Robin Tivy.
Difficulty: 3: ATES=simple, mostly easy ski touring terrain, although the approach to Battleship Lakes is somewhat brutal with no snow, dense alder, and skis on packs.
A leisurely traverse through some delightful high country around the Lizzie Lake area with ski ascents of Bellavista Ridge, Tabletop, Arrowhead and Tynemouth Mountains and Tarn Peak.
Phacelia Creek FSR

Staggering up a steep cutblock alternately falling hip deep in rotten snow drifts and clambering over downed trees, I thought "Getting to Battleship Lakes sure is a battle." The day before we had driven south from Lillooet and met Captain Bivouac and Betsy at the start of the now defunct Lizzie Lake FSR just before 11 am. After the usual car shuttle debate - physics and the logistics of car shuttles both leave me glassy eyed - we had driven south to Rogers Creek FSR and managed to get the $800 Bivouac-mobile - a 1993 Subaru - up to the start of the Cloudraker Spur. [photo]photo1.jpg[caption]Doug having fun in the cutblock[/photo]

Returning in our truck to Phacelia Creek FSR we had only managed to drive to about 800 metres before getting stopped by boulders on the rapidly deteriorating road. Of course, in the process of getting that far we had snapped our tow strap pulling a large half-uprooted tree off the road. This enabled us to drive all of 30 metres before being irrevocably halted. In the end, backing up beyond the offending tree was the only option and we ended up back where we had started. Such is progress on BC's logging roads. Finally getting away at 3.45 pm we thrashed our way up the deteriorating logging road with skis on our packs fighting like wildcats through the dense overlapping slide alder that infested the road bed. After about two hours we reached a dilapidated bridge over the outflow stream of Battleship Lakes. A steep nasty cutblock loomed above. Deciding to put that battle off until next day, we scratched out two marginally flat tent sites among the slide alder near the bridge. [photo]photo2.jpg[caption]Not the most scenic campsite[/photo]

Battleship Lakes and Bellavista Ridge
We had a sprinkle of rain...

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